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A Few Words About Us

We know that you or your organization can do all the work yourself. Post design, regular weekly posts, content writing, website management, blogging, etc. Very simple tasks, as you can see. But come to think of it, the things we call simple sometimes cannot be done for some reasons. digidodo is a new generation digital jobs agency that sets out to do your simple jobs that cannot be done...

  • We work in 3-6-12 month periods. If we are mutually satisfied, we continue to work, if not, we leave 🙁
  • We have a young and dynamic team working with a corporate vision that keeps your values at the forefront, we realize your work regularly, quickly and in a planned manner...
  • We observe the price/performance balance. We do not make you sad and we make you smile 🙂 But we don't want to be sad either 🙂
  • We would like to remind you that we are not your employees. Please remember that we are institutions that meet on a common ground and cooperate together...
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Our Super Powerful Services


Website Management

We make the most suitable website for your request ready in a short time and deliver it to you. If you want, we take the responsibility of monthly updates and maintenance and continue the post-installation service. In addition, we prepare special creative blog posts for you using artificial intelligence tools and share them on a planned basis. We increase the visibility of your site in search engines in the best way by doing SEO studies for all site content and blogs...


Social Media Management

We prepare creative content for all your social media accounts in the form of posts, stories and reels in line with the information you provide. We share these contents on a planned basis. If you want, we manage your social media in accordance with your corporate identity and respond to your questions and messages. We also manage your social media campaigns and help you grow your audience...


Campaign & CSR

We develop CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility projects and creative campaigns to differentiate your organization from your competitors and make it more valuable. We develop sustainable-based digital or physical creative campaigns and corporate social responsibility projects in the most appropriate way for your organization's vision and mission, and increase your social media awareness and your organization's brand reputation...


Influencer Marketing

We go beyond traditional marketing methods and develop a marketing strategy together with the most suitable influencer in our influencer pool for your brand and product. With this strategy, we bring the target audiences of the influencer and the brand together, increase interaction and add value to your brand. We also perform impact analysis by providing a detailed interaction report.

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